About us

Nimble Jack is an independent Advertising and Design agency, based in Soho, run and managed by creatives.
Everyone takes responsibility for their ideas from brief to delivery and enjoys collaborating with their clients on the journey
Obviously every client is different, but whatever their product or service, at Nimble Jack, they get fresh, original and inclusive ideas that work harder.
John Peake - creative director

John – creative director

Richard Tennant - creative director

Richard – creative director

Damian Kiernan- production manager

Damian – production manager

Victoria - designer

Victoria – designer

Andreea - designer

Andreea – designer

Inclusive thinking

We believe it’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it.

But you can’t sell to someone who isn’t listening. And many of today’s consumers aren’t. They’re tired of traditional marketing approaches and want to be spoken to in a language they can understand.

Which is where Inclusive Thinking comes in.

Inclusive Thinking can help you define and implement better ways to engage with existing and potential customers. It can help you get under the skin of your consumers and create campaigns that work harder.

All great advertising, design and communications are inclusive because they engage with the widest possible number of people. And we never forget that every solution we create has to work as hard as it can for you.

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